Top 5 TV Shows We Watched in 2021

Good television has always found a way to change the world. It can introduce us to fantasy/sci-fi worlds where a woman with a destiny can fight evil with a flaming sword. It can also have a massive misstep that offends the world over. These top five shows, some we have not covered in our podcast, are the Top 5 Shows we thoroughly enjoyed this year. Our top two on this list are almost interchangeable. The storytelling, the emotions… they gripped us, devoured us, and rebuilt us forever changed by the episodes we watched.

1. Wynonna Earp S4 – Series Ended

With the witty writing, engaging characters, expert portrayals, and a same-sex wedding, the season we Earpers fought for was worth it. The 4th season (& subsequently final one thanks to SYFY) was the culmination of everything the fandom needed, even if we didn’t know it at the time. We needed our wedding. We needed Doc & Wynonna to go off and find Alice. We needed Dark Waverly to do what this show had done for its entire run – break the rules. Now… has anyone seen Eve?

2. WandaVision – Limited Series 

With the backing of Disney & Marvel Studios, WandaVision had very high expectations. It truly delivered. The first of the Marvel Series to hit the streaming service (due to the coronovirus), WandaVision led us through the stages of grief blended in a world of Wanda’s making. The depth of the characters, the gut wrenching scenes… it all led us to an end that is truly the beginning for Wanda Maximoff. We’re still discussing the Ship of Theseus Thought Experiment.

3. Motherland: Fort Salem S2 – Renewed for a 3rd & Final Season

The ending of season one left the fanbase clamouring for more. Season 2 did not disappoint. We delve further into Alder’s past and learn about the Mycelleum. Raelle, Tally, and Abigail all come into their own unique abilities as their strength as a unit becomes even stronger. Scylla’s redemption arc with Anacostia’s help is painful, powerful, and lovely. Time will tell where the fictional world of Fort Salem goes from here, but knowing it is the end brings mixed emotions. There are so many stories that could be told, yet the staff has time to put together an end they want to portray. They’ve been given the blessing of time. Here’s hoping the final season is everything and more.

4. The Equalizer S1 – Renewed. S2 currently airing as of this posting

This series is not a new concept. We grew up watching the original and Kimberly has seen the subsequent movies. All of them are good. Queen Latifa is better. Hands down. She brings an emotion to the role that no one has been able to capture before. There’s a humanity in her every move, every thought, that makes you feel a part of her journey. The cast, the writing, all of it is well done. Even in some slower episodes, you still feel invested enough because the character development is there.

5. Clarice S1 – Cancelled

Why enter a series on the list that’s been cancelled with no hope of ever seeing the light of day? Truthfully, because it should. Clarice was a slow developing series with a depth that pulled you in. Showing the gutsy emotions of Clarice after the events of Silence of the Lambs was a risk, and in truth it was brilliantly done. One can blame circumstance and delays in airing to why this show was derailed. It should never have been on main network television. This series screams for streaming. It screams for a short, tightly woven season… the networks (all of them involved in this) failed. In doing so, they removed a rich story with so much promise.

Special Nod to Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass was wonderful and could be considered on this list at anytime. The undertones, the story, the emotions… they were powerful. The only reason Kimberly pulled it off the list… the dog. When it comes to listing the best, sometimes it’s the little things.

033: Wynonna Earp Make Your Peace?


Airdate: April 21, 2021

Season 4 of Wynonna Earp has been a rollercoaster ride. From the garden, to the fog, to the shield, to the Clanton heir and the #WayHaught wedding – we felt every moment. Forever Fangirls looks back at the questions we posted in our March 3rd episode, FF 026: Our Top 5 Wynonna Earp 4B Questions. What was right? What was unanswered? What are the Top 5 moments from the series thus far? Who won the Sheriffs of Purgatory Giveaway? Tune in to find out!

**Spoiler Warning**

032: Wynonna Earp (S4 E12) Old Souls Review


Airdate: April 14, 2021

The series finale of Wynonna Earp is upon us. Everything has come down to this… one dress, one curse, two vows, one love… and the freedom to be happy. We apologize in advance for our tears throughout. Make sure to listen to the end for more information on our Sheriffs of Purgatory Giveaway! #ForeverFangirlsGiveaway

**Spoiler Warning**

030: Wynonna Earp (S4 E10) Life Turned Her That Way Review


Airdate: March 31, 2021

The honeymoon period of the second half of Wynonna Earp season 4 is over. Prepare to face a foe we thought was gone and the rise of a new villain… in a form we at Forever Fangirls never saw coming. In the end, we both hear Doc saying “do not do this”…

**Spoiler Warning**

029: Wynonna Earp (S4 E9) Crazy Review


Airdate: March 24, 2021

Trivia night in any other town would be a simple event. Purgatory isn’t like every other town. This night takes hold of Purgatory in so many ways. Forever Fangirls covers Wynonna Earp S4 E9… it’s a Chicken Kicking good time.

**Spoiler Warning**

028: Wynonna Earp (S4 E8) Hell Raisin’ Good Time Review


Airdate: March 17, 2021

Halloween might mean fun costumes and candy for most people. In Purgatory, it means Rotten Jack going on a bloody rampage. With a mysterious fog, an extractor, fabulous costumes and some serious revelations… hell raisin’ definitely happened. Plus, who can fault any Earper for enjoying some Earp Sister time with a “baby girl” dropped in for good measure. 

**Spoiler Warning**

027: Wynonna Earp (S4 E7) Love’s All Around Review


Airdate: March 10, 2021

Wynonna Earp is back with the second half of season four. Nicole and Waverly celebrate their engagement with the ones they love, while Doc and Wynonna are still miles apart inside. What happens when Waverly makes a bet with an unknown stranger? Well, hilarity ensues… but the darkness hides underneath it all. Join Forever Fangirls as they discuss episode 7, Love’s All Around.

**Spoiler Warning**

026: Our Top 5 Wynonna Earp 4B Questions


Airdate: March 3, 2021

When we last saw our Earp family, some things were exactly where they should be while others broke us in two. With the second half of the season finally airing, after a delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some things we still don’t know. Forever Fangirls compiled a list of 5 questions we hope to have answered before the season ends. We also use the phrase – season ends – because we would really love it if another company came in and give us more Wynonna Earp!

**Spoiler Warning**

FF 012: Wynonna Earp Mid-Season 4 Review (2020)


Airdate: September 9, 2020

Six episodes of Wynonna Earp’s 4th season have finished airing, leaving Forever Fangirls with questions and anticipation for the remaining episodes. The groundbreaking series continues to push the envelope since it first aired, and this season is no exception. Join Forever Fangirls as they discuss the journey of our beloved Wynonna Earp characters.

**Spoiler Warning**