008A: QFX CloudCon!


Airdate: July 8, 2020

This year, Pride Events were canceled nationwide because of COVID-19. Enter QFX: CloudCon 2020 – the first and ONLY queer convention out there. Giving you everything that an in person convention could, from games to fan/guest panels, and much, much more. Forever Fangirls had two unique perspectives on the event, from the tech side and a viewers point of view. Join Kimberly and Sheila as they discuss the Good, the Bad, the Cute…. the Unicorn Poop of QFX: CloudCon 2020.

006: An Interview With Holly Winebarger


Airdate: June 3, 2020

Our first ever interview is with Holly Winebarger, a woman we admire for her strength, tenacity and her drive to help create safe environments for the Queer Community. She was one of the founders of ClexaCon, the mind behind QFX Events and part of the team behind QLikeU. She never seems to stop fighting for representation we all deserve. That is why we felt compelled to make her our first interview and release it during Pride Month 2020.

Please note: There were some technical difficulties with the audio on this interview, but we felt the information within was too important and needed to be shared.

Twitter Trivia Question:

This individual has been working hard to bring queer representation to the masses. The first convention she helped create was named after a beloved couple on The 100. Who is she?

A. Holly Winebarger