Moxie (2021) Review


Moxie, based on the book by Jennifer Mathieu, was released on Netflix original film on March 3, 2021. Our niece saw this film and recommended it to us. To be honest, she was right. This was a fun watch.

This film tackles female empowerment in the archaic institutions of male dominated school systems based around athletics. It’s a difficult topic and one that Moxie does and does not cover fully. The fact is, no film that covers these topics will ever fully get it right. There will always be something that could have and most likely should have been addressed.

Looking at the film as a whole, it is about one voice being powerful enough to invoke conversation and action. A girl creates a magazine after being inspired by a new classmate who stands tall regardless of those trying to knock her down. Along the way, she has several missteps but in the end, finds her way.

Since we’ve never read the novel the film is based on, it is hard to judge whether the film took some creative liberties or not. Although a bit dated, the film is a fun watch with solid performances.