024: Cats: Not so jellicle

#024. CATS (2019) REVIEW

Airdate: February 10, 2021

In 2019, the world was introduced to the movie version of the Broadway musical Cats…. much to the world’s chagrin. One night, while nothing was on television, this film happened to scroll across the Forever Fangirls screen. Since friends all agreed this was needed viewing, our hosts decided to sit back and give it the full 1:50 minutes of their lives. That time… is lost forever, but the scars of the viewing remain.

**Spoiler Warning**

020: The Prom: Dancing, singing, ehh…

#020. THE PROM (2020) REVIEW

Airdate: December 16, 2020

The Broadway musical, The Prom, was groundbreaking. During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the same-sex kiss threw conservatives into a frenzy. While the idea behind a lesbian wanting to take her girlfriend to prom is not groundbreaking in and of itself, but the fact that in 2020 we are still discussing it – is. Ryan Murphy gives his take on the show with a star-studded cast for the Netflix film. Forever Fangirls once again delves into the Good, the Bad, the Cute & the unicorn poop of it all. Did they follow the internet’s opinions and find it amazing? Or did they believe the critics’ reviews? Tune in and find out.

**Spoiler Warning**