011: Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… Review


Airdate: August 26, 2020

What’s a guilty pleasure? Forever Fangirls discuss one of Kimberly’s favorite shows, Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… The docu-series, which covers the passing of celebrities, gives a deeper insight into each case from host Forensic Pathologist Michael Hunter. Listen to the ladies discuss why they enjoy it, what bothers them (like commercial breaks) and why Kimberly considers it her guilty pleasure.

**Spoiler Warning**

The Commercial Experiment: The breaks last from 3-4 minutes. Not sure if there is a reason or a breakdown for where the longer commercial breaks lie, but overall, they seemed to be more consistent than we thought. Also, you could literally figure out when the main show would return when fast forwarding on the DVR. Reelz seemed to air an in house commercial (one that highlights their own shows) right before it would return.