076: Warrior Nun: Adrial’s Risen & the Portal’s Open

#076. WARRIOR NUN (S2 – 2022) REVIEW

Airdate: January 11, 2023

Warrior Nun returns to answer several questions from the season one cliffhanger. Shorter by two episodes, does the second season pick up right where the previous one left off? Has the order survived the onslaught? Forever Fangirls delves into these questions and the darker side of streaming… cancellations with no transparency.  

**Spoiler Warning**

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025: Warrior Nun Season 1: Nuns? Demons? Yes, please


Airdate: February 24, 2021

Forever Fangirls delves into the world of demon fighting nuns on this week’s episode. The Netflix series, Warrior Nun, tells of a Halo Bearer and the secret order working in the shadows to prevent hell from walking on Earth. What happens when they choose a new bearer… and she doesn’t even know it. Tune in to hear what was Good, Bad and the Cute of season 1. 

**Spoiler Warning**