Portrait of a Fan: Sarah

This past April in 2019, my wife and I traveled all the way to Las Vegas for the wonderful world of ClexaCon! Considering I was on two panels, I thought the weekend would be full of nerves and less adventure than I wanted. Enter Sarah, the giver of hugs to calm the nerves and just make you feel safe. She’s tall, has an infectious laugh, a brilliant smile and always makes you feel welcome. She’s a bit shy and doesn’t talk much, but I am going to call her out for all the kind giveaways she runs on Twitter. Since I’ve known her, she’s become a friend, increased my desire to visit Vancouver and I can’t wait until EH Con to grab her massively healing hugs. Without further ado, here’s the Portrait of a Fan: Sarah!

Name: Sarah B.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Tell Forever Fangirls About Yourself:
I grew up in Southern Ontario and moved to British Columbia over 12 years ago. I work in construction (labourer and heavy machine operator) and absolutely love my job.  I like to play video games, go hiking, take nature photos, and I love to read.

Creampuff, Clairevoyant (Cosmonaughty) and Earper fandoms. I ship Hollstein, Wayhaught, Doccubus, Cophine, Willow and Tara, and Xena and Gabrielle, but I didn’t know about fandoms until 2017 which is why I’m not listing older fandoms as my chosen ones.

Chosen Games & Systems to Play:
PS4 and my favourite games are Thief, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and Neverwinter. I also play some COD.

Favorite Convention Story? If you have never been to one, which would you go to and why?
ClexaCon 2019 was my very first convention.  I don’t really have a favourite story per se, but I can tell you that being there changed my life.  I met so many incredible people who identify all over the spectrum and live all over the world. I was surrounded by love and acceptance the entire time I was there and got to geek out with everyone else when our favourite celebs nonchalantly walked by or when I went for photo ops/autographs. I met some amazingly talented artists/vendors and enjoyed all of the panels I attended.  I left them feeling hopeful, loved, understood, happy, and with a full heart.

What does fandom mean to you?
It means family. It means safety.  It means I am accepted for being myself. It means I get to be a geek about something and have a plethora of people geek out with.

Social Media:
Twitter: @Rah_Rah2011, Instagram: RahRah2011.

Anything Else You Want to Share?
I just want to say thank you to everyone that I’ve met in these fandoms so far.  You’ve all enriched my life so much and I will be forever grateful. Sending love and light to y’all.

Thank you so much to Sarah for being part of our Portrait of a Fan series! If you want to be featured here – contact us and let us know.

**Note: Please remember Forever Fangirls is a safe place. Please do not use fans social media accounts in a negative way. There is enough hatred in this world already, we’re all about acceptance here.**

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