FF 028: Wynonna Earp (S4 E8) Hell Raisin’ Good Time Review

#028. WYNONNA EARP (S4 E8) HELL RAISIN’ GOOD TIME REVIEW Airdate: March 17, 2021 Halloween might mean fun costumes and candy for most people. In …

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FF 027: Wynonna Earp (S4 E7) Love’s All Around Review

#027. WYNONNA EARP (S4 E7) LOVE’S ALL AROUND REVIEW Airdate: March 10, 2021 Wynonna Earp is back with the second half of season four. Nicole …

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FF 026: Our Top 5 Wynonna Earp 4B Questions

#026. OUR TOP 5 WYNONNA EARP 4B QUESTIONS Airdate: March 3, 2021 When we last saw our Earp family, some things were exactly where they …

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FF 025: Warrior Nun (S1 – 2020) Review

#025. WARRIOR NUN (S1 – 2020) REVIEW Airdate: February 24, 2021 Forever Fangirls delves into the world of demon fighting nuns on this week’s episode. …

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FF 024: Cats (2019) Review

#024. CATS (2019) REVIEW Airdate: February 10, 2021 In 2019, the world was introduced to the movie version of the Broadway musical Cats…. much to …

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FF 023: The Old Guard (2020) Review

#023. THE OLD GUARD (2020) REVIEW Airdate: January 27, 2020 They might be a team of immortal mercenaries, but does The Old Guard expose them …

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FF 022: Disney Pixar’s Soul (2020) Review

#022. DISNEY PIXAR’S SOUL (2020) REVIEW Airdate: January 3, 2020 It’s the Great Beyond! No, it’s the Great Before! No, it’s Disney Pixar’s Soul! Jamie …

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FF 021: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Review

#021. WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) REVIEW Airdate: December 30, 2020 In the last episode of their inaugural year, Forever Fangirls reviews one of Kimberly’s favorite …

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FF 020: The Prom (2020) Review

Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of the Broadway musical The Prom hit Netflix this December. Forever Fangirls delves into their opinion and hopefully gives it a bit of zazz.

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