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029: Wynonna Earp (S4 E9) Crazy Review


Airdate: March 24, 2021

Trivia night in any other town would be a simple event. Purgatory isn’t like every other town. This night takes hold of Purgatory in so many ways. Forever Fangirls covers Wynonna Earp S4 E9… it’s a Chicken Kicking good time.

**Spoiler Warning**

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1 thought on “029: Wynonna Earp (S4 E9) Crazy Review”

  1. Loved, loved, loved your podcast Crazy S4 E9. You both had me laughing.
    “Chicken Kicker” is my favorite thing to say now. Lol

    • Thank you so much! I think that is a sound to keep for future uses. This episode took so many takes. Neither one of us could get through it without laughing to the point of tears. 🙂 – K

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