Portrait of a Fan: Jescyka

Jescyka isn’t just a mother of two, but she runs a blog about mental health and keeps her DM’s open if you need her. She’s also our focus on this episode of Portrait of a Fan.

Portrait of a Fan: Taylor Ray

We’re back with another Portrait of a Fan and this time I’m happy to share with you one of the more compassionate men I’ve met. His heart might be on his sleeve, but it truly is made of gold. Taylor Ray is a unique individual who I can’t wait to spend more time with at another convention. Without further ado, here’s the Portrait of a Fan: Taylor Ray!

Portrait of a Fan: Sarah

A creampuff who’s smile can warm a terrible day, Sarah or Rah_Rah as she’s known in the fandom, is a giver. Her hugs are legendary and so is her compassion. Learn more in this episode of Portrait of a Fan.

Portrait of a Fan: Christine

  Thank you so much to Christine for being part of our Portrait of a Fan series! If you want to be featured here – contact us and let us know. **Note: Please remember Forever Fangirls is a safe place. Please do not use fans social media accounts in a negative way. There is enough […]

B. Danielle Watkins Interview

B. Danielle Watkins is a multi-talented writer, actor, producer and director and that just scratches the surface. This talented woman is bring change to entertainment – one project at a time.