FF 048: Free Guy (2021) Review

#048: FREE GUY (2021) REVIEW Airdate: December 1, 2021 Free Guy tells the story of Guy, a NPC in a violent open world game. Forever Fangirls dives into the servers to see if Free Guy was worth the download. Note: Sheila is not a gamer. Kimberly is and games will be discussed during this review. […]

Moxie (2021) Review

Moxie tackles female empowerment in the archaic institutions of male dominated school systems based around athletics. Is it worth a watch?

FF 046: Dune (2021) Review

Was Dune (2021) enough to “spice up our lives” or did it make us “wannabe” somewhere else? Forever Fangirls weighs in on the sci-fi opera.

As Above, So Below (2014) Review

THOUGHT PROVOKING FOUND FOOTAGE THRILLER  3.5/5 @ForeverFanPod hey guys it looks like your having load of fun. I was wondering if you can give us your opinion of As Above, As below…. can’t wait to hear what you think.😉👍🏼 — MarisaAR (@stratbass) August 14, 2021 We’ve asked our listeners/Twitter followers what films they want […]

Malignant (2021) Review

GREAT VISUALS, LACKLUSTER STORY  1/5 Malignant (2021) was released simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max on September 10, 2021. After hearing about the quality of this film, we had to check it out. Sadly, after watching it… we wish we left it to the imagination. We can’t review this film without giving away several plot […]