About Us

Who are we?

Well, that is an interesting question that we really can’t answer that easily. In simple terms, we’re two women who love comic conventions, traveling, and each other. We’re scuba divers who love the ocean and want to protect it as much as humanly possible. We love to learn, to explore and to become more aware of the world with every passing day.

But that’s the surface. Kimberly is an author, award-winning filmmaker, athlete, bisexual and a gamer. She’s calm, fun loving, can talk to anyone around and loves her nieces and nephews. She’s the creative one who comes up with a ton of zany ideas. Kimberly also wears her heart on her sleeve and tries to live each day to the best of her ability.

Sheila is the breadwinner, full stop. She’s one who studies and figures out all the budgets. She’s a bisexual woman, a fighter, especially when defending her wife and their lives together. She has a heart of gold, loves to play tennis, and yell at the television when her 49ers are playing. She’s always felt the world has given her so much that she just wants to repay mother nature in kind.

What is this Forever Fangirls thing?

Truthfully, we’ve been fans of various shows, movies, books, etc since time immemorial. Yet, when people learn our ages, the smile turns to a frown of disdain. That has led to some uncomfortable moments.

Forever Fangirls was born out of this idea that even though we age as women, it isn’t the be all and end of all who we are. Many times women are asked to ‘grow up’, ‘act like a lady’, and move beyond the silly idea of fandoms. 

Here’s the thing – age is nothing but a number. A construct forced upon us from the time we were born. It’s nothing but a qualifying descriptor and does nothing but make us feel like we should be at a certain level created by some fictitious person out there. In other words, age sucks. We are taking control of the narrative. We’ve decided to cover the things we love, regardless of the numerical value next to our names. 

We would love to hear from you, hear about your fandoms, and what you think we might like. If you want to ask us to cover something or ask a question, and you don’t mind us sharing it here, use our contact form and send it in. We’ll do our best to cover it the best way we know how, with fun, humor and integrity.